Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Will I need to register again?
    Yes you will need to create a new account. This allowed us maximum flexibility in optimizing the UX of the new platform.
  2. Will my existing clients need to create a new account?
    Your existing clients can continue to use the old product. Both products feature the same great, high-quality documents that you have come to trust.
  3. Have the payment terms changed for the referral fee? How do I get paid?
    Nothing is changing with regard to how you will be paid.
  4. Can I continue selling the old product?
    While we highly recommend switching to the new product exclusively for your clients, on a go forward basis, you're certainly welcome to continue using your old account and invitation link until you are ready to make the change. You will get paid on both each month. Eventually, at a later date TBD, you will have to register with the new advisor portal to continue selling the product.
  5. Have you made any substantive changes to the legal documents with the new product?
    While we have restyled and modernized the look and feel of the documents, they are the exact same documents that you have grown to trust over the past decade.
  6. Can you bulk import my clients?
    You will be able to import a CSV directly into NetLaw Advisor.
  7. Do I need to get a new tinyurl?
    Yes, inside your NetLaw Advisor dashboard, you will see a referral code and a link. You can copy paste the link into an email, sms, or other digital communication. Or you can simply write down the code on the back of a business card, or add it to marketing collateral that you create yourself.
  8. Can I purchase plans in bulk?
    Yes! Please contact if you are interested in purchasing bulk plans.
  9. How do I get in touch with you folks?
    Easy, chat with us on the web, in your app, or with your clients in their portal. Our agents can escalate the chat to a web meeting (camera optional) where they can see your screen and troubleshoot any issues in real time.
  10. How's the security of the new product?
    All data is double encrypted both by us and Microsoft. We do not have a backdoor into your account or your client's account. Therefore screen sharing is necessary to troubleshoot any issues. All accounts are secured by default with two-factor authentication. Two factor codes can be generated locally, for enhanced security, or sent by SMS.
  11. Will my clients be the first to use this?
    No, we have rolled out versions of this product with companies like SoFi and Ladder life insurance that have generated thousands of estate plans. The response has been overwhelmingly positive. We think your clients will be delighted.